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Portfolio Sales & Marketing

Our extensive experience in the Life Settlement space, diligence and risk remediation capabilities and our wide database of proprietary information has made us an industry leading partner in the sales and marketing of Life Settlement portfolios. In recent years, we have conducted sales for some of the largest institutional investors to have participated in the space.

Knowledge Drives Value

We have a deep understanding of the various portfolio characteristics that each market buyer values and those which they tend to discount for. We employ this knowledge in every step of the sale process to ensure that our final sale price meets and exceeds our clients’ goals.

We not only prepare and run the auction, but we also enhance the value of client assets by identifying deficiencies and opportunities to remediate them prior to sale – a critical component in maximizing the purchase price and one that cannot be matches by seller’s representatives who simply run an auction process.

Unique Access to Buyers

There are a number of buyers in the industry will not engage in a typical auction process, either as part of a corporate strategy or based on the desire not to be known. MLA has developed a unique sale structure that allows these buyers to participate and compete with other market players.

Officer’s Certificates

We uniquely provide Officer’s Certificates based on our due diligence review of each policy. The OC’s provided reduce the reps and warrants that the seller needs to make, decreasing the seller’s exposure to liability. In our experience, OC’s also increase the price buyers are willing to pay for the portfolio or policy.

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