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Other Mortality Based Products

Maple Life Analytics has experience in analyzing and developing financial products for the fixed income, equity and structured products markets.


Other professional services firms partner with us, recognizing the experience and expertise we can bring to their clients in the areas of life settlement based financial products.

We perform mortality projections, actual/expected experience studies, cash flow and financial waterfall modeling, Monte Carlo simulations and other similar services to help clients develop or analyze life settlement linked financial products.

We have experience in working with clients on a variety of issues, ranging from indicative credit ratings on a life settlement bond to explaining the valuation process of life settlements to European regulators. We also have one of the most comprehensive databases in the industry, which allows us to model and back-test investment strategies or product performances, using actual market data.

Loan Collateral Valuation

Lenders will often request that the collateral (in the form of life insurance policies or annuities) backing a loan be valued or scrutinized under a different set of assumptions and parameters than would typically be used in a mark-to-market portfolio valuation. MLA regularly provides these reports, along with any additional supporting documents or analysis that may be needed to fulfill a creditor’s loan requirements, in a time and cost-efficient service.

Structured Settlements & Life Contingent Annuities

As with Life Settlement Policies, the valuation and management of structured claim settlements and life contingent annuities require the technical expertise to accurately projecting future cash flows, and weight those cash flows by an appropriate mortality rate. MLA has experience in performing recurring valuations of structured settlement portfolios and has delivered analyses of complex notes structured around life contingent annuities. The challenges one might face in managing these sophisticated instruments can often be addressed using one of our many proprietary pricing or mortality calculation tools. We have also developed custom applications for specific client needs in this area.

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