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Asset Acquisition

Using our proprietary models, tertiary market data, and experience, we assist clients in the development and implementation of successful aggregation strategies.

Tertiary Life Settlement Portfolio Acquisition

MLA offers a complete solution in the purchase of Life Settlement portfolios. We are deeply embedded in the industry and through our broad network gain access to a large number of portfolios marketed in a range of methods, from a broad market basis to discreetly executed targeted transactions.  Our team of actuarial and financial professionals is able to identify valuable prospective portfolios and calculate accurate market pricing, while MLA attorneys conduct an extensive and intricate legal analysis. See our section on Due Diligence for a more detailed explanation of our buy-side legal review.

Mortality Data

The financial performance of a portfolio of insurance policies is primarily a function of mortality experience. We have accumulated tens of thousands of data points relevant to mortality and life expectancy. Our team studies and measures mortality experience within both the secondary life insurance market, and has developed tools that allow us to leverage our data and research for our client’s benefit. We have, for example, conducted extensive “actual to expected” studies that assist our clients in identifying the key drivers of performance for portfolios exactly correlated to their target assets.

Portfolio Strategy Testing & Development

Portfolio valuations and financial modeling must be based on premiums payments streams that have been optimized to match the investor’s preferences and risk tolerances. Typically, this means reverse engineering the lowest possible future payments consistent with a policy illustration. However, some investors prefer to pay secondary guarantee premiums; often with higher early duration charges, but lower lifetime charges. Maple Life Analytics works with its clients to assess and model all viable optimization strategies.

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