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MLA to Hold Auction of the Oak Portfolio

Maple Life Analytics, LLC is to hold an auction of a 47 policy, $83.6M NDB portfolio dubbed �Oak�. The sale is anticipated to commence September 25, 2017, and will comprise a two stage process, with closing anticipated for October 16, 2017.

The Oak portfolio represents an opportunity to access a diversified pool of attractive policies, with essentially no carrier risk and a well-documented policy history. The policies are highly seasoned, with issue dates ranging from 1988 to 2003, and are of relatively low face amount. The portfolio is primarily based on an aged population of insureds with a slightly higher concentration of males. In addition, the portfolio has achieved a 100% successful carrier claim payout record to date. The portfolio is currently serviced by MLF LexServ, which has provided a full and current optimized premium schedule.

Upon request and following the execution of a confidentiality agreement, MLA will provide potential bidders with access to information about the policies and the auction procedures so they may conduct initial pricing. Those participants who are deemed qualified and bid competitively will be invited to a second phase, to allow for a detailed review of the policy level documents and comprehensive due diligence via a secure virtual data room. At the conclusion of this period, final bids will be collected by MLA and the winning party decided.The seller�s current intention is to sell the portfolio as a single, whole block. The portfolio shall be sold to the winning bidder on behalf of a secured lender, which is succeeding to beneficial ownership thereof through a pending consensual foreclosure process.

To request a confidentiality agreement, or for further enquiries, please contact info@maplelifeanalytics.com.

MLA is a dedicated advisor specializing in the actuarial and financial analysis, acquisition, and sale of US Life Settlements and other Life Insurance linked assets. In the past 24 months, MLA has served as the exclusive sell-side marketing agent in the sale of policies totaling more than $3 billion in face value. Additionally, as a premier brand in the Life Settlement market, to date MLA has helped investors in the tertiary market capitalize on value through the due diligence review of policies totaling more than $11.6B in face value and the further portfolio analysis, review and valuation of policies totaling more than $55B in face value.

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